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Dialog conditions

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Posted 30 July 2001 - 16:30


I want to display a dialog for input of database information if and only if one of 5 database features is selected for install.

I have tried putting &featureName = 3 in conditions for the various back and next buttons in my interface

NewDialog   GetDbInfo   &DB_CREATE = 3 Or &DB_UPDATE = 3 Or ...

but with no joy!

I'm using ISWI 1.52 on Winnt 4.0 Service Pack 6.

Are there any bugs I should know about?!

Alan Dodridge,


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Posted 30 July 2001 - 18:01

Got it.

I assumed that the ordering of conditions meant that the first one to fire overruled the rest.

Apparently not. (?)

The only way for me to solve this thing was :

NewDialog   GetDbInfo       &DB_CREATE = 3  Or &DB_UPDATE = 3 ...
NewDialog   SomeOther     &DB_CREATE <> 3 AND &DB_UPDATE <> 3 ...