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Installing .Net framework on XP and 2000 systems u

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Posted 23 March 2006 - 18:46

I am currently working on a project which is developed in .Net platform. One of the issues we need to address to “Productize” this software is to understand how we could install .Net framework on the deployment machine.

Will you please help me to see if the version of Install Shield we have can do this? What would be the best strategy to package .Net framework? Also, while installing, can we check if a version of .Net framework is already installed on the target machine and only do a need based upgrade?

Can InstallShield 6.1x do the job?


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Posted 23 March 2006 - 23:29

We have a similar situation with our software. We install .Net Framework Version 1.1 if it's not already on the target machine. You can get the download here:

.Net Framework Version 1.1 Download

The way I check for its presence (I'm sure there are other ways) is look for this key in the registry under HKLM:

"SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\NET Framework Setup\\Full\\v1.0.3705"

If you need help with the parameters to send to dotnetfx.exe post here and I'll reply with the info.


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Posted 28 March 2006 - 17:02

Hi All,

We do something quite similar as well with IS 6.21, and install the .Net framework if it is not detected. In our case, we look under HKLM at SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\.NETFramework\\policy\\v1.1, searching for the registry key "4322".

Also, something to consider, many of our apps require the .Net framework service pack 1, so you may want to check the value of the registry key "SP" at SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\NET Framework Setup\\NDP\\v1.1.4322\\1033 after checking for the .Net framework itself. I can provide an example if you wish.

Thanks for the forum...