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More Disk errors - Any ideas??

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Posted 16 January 2002 - 02:21

Hi All,

I get several types of disk prompt messages when installing my product which is contained in 2 cds.
It behaves differently in different machines.  I have followed all disk spanning rules and i am sure that these disk issues are not due to wrong spanning.

When MSI tries to launch an external setup that is in the DISK2, it prompts to insert DISK1 for some unknown reasons. When i insert DISK1, it again prompts to insert DISK2.  I switched back and forth between the two disks several times and finally after few attempts, it did successfully launch the external setup program and finish the installation.

Also, in some machines (XP, Win2K with or w/o service packs), i get an error, "Incorrect disk volume in drive" message either at the time of installation or after installation. To be more specific, i get this error only after inserting DISK2 and not at the time when DISK1 is in the drive.

I believe this is an MSI issue. I was using MSI 1.10 initially and was getting different disk errors (already posted with the title "Please insert disk1 error") and was asked to try using MSI 2.0 which fixed these disk issues. And now i am using MSI 2.0 and still getting disk errors, but of different kind. I wont say this is a run-time error, but these disk prompts are very annoying but not severe since in most cases, it finally installs after several attempts.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with 2 or more disks?

Thanks in advance.


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Posted 12 February 2002 - 18:30

i have same problem , if you know how solve this problem , please tell me. please please


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Posted 12 February 2002 - 18:51

I got rid of the disk swapping error in XP, 2000 and Me(ie., prompt to insert Disk2 and again for Disk1 and back and forth for several times) by having a unique package code for building the CD Image. Actually, we build our install for both Network Image and CD image since our internal QA team needs the setup on the network. Though i changed the package code with every build, i didnot change it for individual images and so the CD image had the same package code as that of the Network image. So i thought this was the problem and fixed it by having a unique package code for each CD image.

For the other error about Incorrect volume in drive: I still have no clear idea for the cause of this error. But this was fixed by a workaround that i did in my launcher code which is a separate Delphi application.

Anyway, i still see these problems in NT machines.

Please explain about the various scenarios and platforms in which you got the errors.