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Installing by using PProPlus.msi

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Posted 30 April 2003 - 13:39

:HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!! unsure: I was told that I could install a given copy of the office XP pro by using the PProPlus.msi to setup. Could someone tell me how to do this? I already have office 2000 standard. I am running windows 98.

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Posted 08 May 2003 - 17:29

i believe you are referring to the ProPlus.MSI on the Office XP CD ?

although it is possible to use the MSI to install Office XP the recommended way is to use the Setup.EXE 'wrapper' that comes on the CD. this will then call the MSIExec and ProPlus.MSI after you have supplied the necessary info....

remember most MS Products are meant for admin installs followed by client installs to retain source resilancy and install on demand features. almost all of the MS PRoducts i have seen wrap their MSIs with a Setup.EXE...