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Run-time loaded bitmaps in ISP WIE 2.03?

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Posted 14 June 2001 - 20:33

Does anyone have any ideas for enabling run-time loadable bitmaps for dialogs in Installshield Pro Windows Installer Edition?

According to the MSI SDK, if I create a bitmap control, and add the "ImageHandle" value ("65536") to the Attribute column in the Control Table for this Bitmap control, I can 'subscribe' it to an event which will change the "Text" column to a handle for a bitmap (loaded with USER32.LoadImage from a custom action).

However, through the Installshield IDE, I see no ability to do this, as the Bitmap control sets the attribute to the "default" <no choice!> value ("1") which attempts to load the bitmap from the binary table.

We are trying to make the UI customizable at runtime based on values from the property table.

Thanks in advance for any tips!