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Problem with "...additional dependencies..."

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Posted 30 June 2009 - 14:47

I have a newly created patch. It installs over the RTM installation without problems. But it displays the following message, "This installation may require additional dependencies. Without its dependencies, [My App] may not work correctly. Would you like to find the original [My App.exe]?"

Since my original setup is a single file .exe (web setup), this is kind of an annoying and scary message to present to the end user. The user may not even have saved the original setup program or know where to find it again.

My original web installer actually installs installs a complete copy of the extracted MSI file into "[Path_to_current_user]\Local Settings\Application Data\Downloaded Installation\{Some GUID}\". But the patch looks for the exe file, not the MSI file.

Is there any way, either through the original web installer (I haven't released it to the public yet) or through the patch to instruct the patching process to find the extracted MSI and not the EXE?

If I can't get rid of the dire warning message I might opt to release full MSIs rather than partial patches to provide a better user experience.


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Posted 03 July 2009 - 00:45

Could be a bug - check out this link from installshield / acresso

http://kb.acresso.co...t... 0 26690903