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How to run a setup from inside an IS setup

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Posted 23 May 2006 - 23:33


I haven't used IS for many years, and I'm just trying to add an additional object to and exisiting 6.31 project. What I need to add uncompressed setup that is already a binary setup.exe that immediately installs a printer driver. I don't think it was made by using IS.

The documentation seems to indicate that I should create an object project and add the file to that, and then add the object to the existiing setup. I made the object, but I haven't put any code into its script because I don't know how to get it to install itself and from where. I'm also not sure how to kick off the object from the setup.rul in the existing project.

I don't have any need to read or write any properties to this simple object. It's just a another setup.exe and I want to say "GO".

I suppose I could maybe using LaunchAppAndWait and just add a checkbox and forego the whole "object" adventure if that would be better.

I think I need sample code that shows me how to do it either way.


Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 24 May 2006 - 00:24

Yeah, I'd recommend not bothering with the object and just use LaunchAppAndWait like you said.

You can enclose the setup either in the project's special setup files -or- a standard file group, and then use the following IS script when appropriate:

nResult = LaunchAppAndWait(<FilePath> ^ "setup.exe", <Switches>, WAIT);

if (nResult < 0) then
    MessageBox ("WARNING: Unable to launch '"+ <FilePath> ^ "setup.exe'.", WARNING);

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