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General Merge Module Questions

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Posted 13 March 2001 - 23:40

Hi all,

I have general questions about Merge Modules.
Too many dumb questions but please answer as much as possible...

-I repackaged old apps by using Spy, it captured the differences between pre- and post scan which contains not only the files but also registry values that are extracted certain DLLs or COM.

-When I modified Script.inc for my needs and open it to import and make MSI, it contains shared DLLs and registry settings on AllOtherFilesX (X=the last number).

-When I perform Static Dependency Check, it automatically detect certain DLLs that should be part of certain Merge Modules.

My questions is;

1. What does this mean? MSI will deliver the portion of Merge Module to desktop to make sure a certain functionality is always work?

2. Which registry key win if merge module delivers some registry that is hard coded with different (or wrong) values into AllOtherFilesX?

3. Some of OCX and DLLs are not look like Microsoft's but Static Dependency found that those are related to certain MSM and include them as part of MSM itself on the screen. (Let's say if there is A.DLL and it is related to MFC42.DLL. ISWI will make A.DLL as part of MFC42.MSM.)  But I don't think A.DLL will be part of MFC42.MSM PERMANENTLY. Correct?

How does registry related to A.DLL get managed?
Can I include A.DLL as part of MSM?