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Packaging small fixes

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Posted 02 November 2003 - 15:36


We use InstallShield Profession 6.3 for packaging and deployment. We normally package the entire environment (which is huge) and distribute it for deployment.

Now, we have added an added complexity. There is an additional environment (folder structure) to the whole setup. The problem with this is, there will be weekly changes to this environment and we want to be able to package and deploy the weekly changes in this environment. But we donot want to package the entire huge environment weekly as it is not advisable.

So, we are looking for a best solution to accomodate this small enviroment (weekly packaging) that is a subset of the huge environement...We normally have releases in alternate months..so we will be packaging the entire environement once in 2 months only!!!

Any ideas/suggestions how to accomodate the weekly packaging without losing much of control or integrity of the environment!!


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 03 November 2003 - 12:20

You should look at vBuild from InstallShield.
DevStudio 9 also includes some support for diffferential media.