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Patches that jump versions

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Posted 08 July 2002 - 08:48

I am using Installshield Developer 7 and need some help with patches. I have read through the entries and found that I must first use an msi installation and not use the Setup.exe format. My other problems have been answered in reading the forum topics. I now have one question to ask.
What is the best way of creating patches? I need to be able to create a patch that users can upgrade from version 2.0.0 to 2.0.3 with out going to 2.0.1 then 2.0.2 and finally to 2.0.3. Do I just add the first msi to the Pervious package in the patch wizard and make it use entire file, or must I add all previous packages.
Thank for your  help


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Posted 23 October 2002 - 22:58

I have the same problem/question.

Also, is it possible with any IS version >= ISWI 2.03 to patch a patch? Meaning, if 2.0.0 was the orginal full install, 2.0.1 was a upgrade via patch, can 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 all be patched updates as well? I have not had any luck patching a patch. Everything appears to work, but no files get updated. For example, I can update 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 via a patch very well (I'm pretty familair with the upgrade rules), but I can't get 2.0.1 to upgrade again via another patch.

Finally, does anyone know if the QuickPatch tool in Developer can do the same things in regards to the questions Opus and I have?


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Posted 13 November 2002 - 11:33

Could anyone figure out how to go about patching for multiple versions ?

I am using Dev 7.04 with latest Hotfix applied for a Standard Project.

I have versions 6.01, 6.02 of my product and now, a new one with version 6.03.

I was expecting that by refering to 6.01, 6.02 as prev versions in ascending order, and 6.03 as new version in the Patch wizard, the resulting patch would be able to upgrade any of the prev versions to 6.03.

However, getting the same error 1636.  

Also, I don't understand the significance of the "DiskId" & "File Sequence start".

Would appreciate any help in this regard.

Dipali S.