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Merge Modules don't get installed

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Karin Popelier

Karin Popelier
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Posted 23 April 2002 - 14:26


Last week I posted a topic regarding merge module for VBRuntime which didn't install on Win 98. There were no replies, so i searched and played around a bit.
After testting my installation on other "clean" machines (win 98, win 2000 and NT 4.0) i discovered that most of my merge modules don't get installes. I also use merge module for msxml 3.0 and MSDE2000 which installs fine. But the most common merge modules as msvbvm60.msm and mscomctl.msm  won't install.

When i look in the log file i see following entries :

MSI (s) (F4:24) Component : Global_Vba_VbRuntime.1E....; Installed : Absent; Request : Null; Action : Null;
MSI (s) (F4:24) Component : Global_Controls_MSCOMCTLOCX.32....; Installed : Absent; Request : Null; Action : Null;

As for the merge modules who are installed i see following entries :

MSI (s) (F4:24) Component : MSXML.352107....; Installed : Absent; Request : Local; Action : Local;

So why is there Request : Null instead of Request : Local ???
I suppose that is why they don't get installed.

I don't use any conditions, i just include the merge modules the same way i include the merge module for MSXML.

Does anyone has an idea of what is going on ?
I just don't know what to do anymore ....

Thanks in advance,


Jamie Clayton

Jamie Clayton
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Posted 09 May 2002 - 07:08


I am going through the pain :(  of trying to package Crystal Reports 8, MS XML and a VB package via Windows installer and I have had very similar problems.  Like you I have fresh OS builds with no Windows Installer versions loaded.

I found the same, Merge Modules were not getting installed. Following some digging around (and it changes one day to the next) I discovered ORCA "Schema" and determined that the merge modules all had different schema - 100, 110, 200 etc. I assumed this related to the MSIexec.exe version 1, 1.1, 2 that I distribute with the application.  I found the merge modules I created with Visual Studio Installer 1.0 didn't work (schema 100).  I created my custom merge modules with Wise for Windows 2.02 (schema 1.1) and then things(dlls) started to install (and register better). I also updated the version of MSIexec.exe to 1.1 (the highest schema used across all the MSI and MSM packages).

I hope this helps, because I have spent 100s of hours trying to get Windows Installer packages to work consistently accross multiple operating systems with a standard VB, Crystal, XML, Access DB package.