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Optionally display features

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Posted 28 May 2001 - 01:03


I have a problem with trying to get the customise installation tree to show only the features that I want it to show. Our software comes in a number of languages each of which has all of that languages resources in a seperate dll. With our old install we used to just install all of the languages and set a default. The user then had an option to change to another language if they wished.

With the new Windows Installer we want to set up each of the languages as features so you can optionally install whichever language you want to.

To make the downloading smaller we were proposing that each of the language resources be held in a seperate cabinet file, so that only the languages that you wanted would then need to be downloaded.

We were then hoping that we could make the customise install tree show all of the languages but if the cabinet for a certian language wasn't there then that language feature would be set to be not installed, and you wouldn't be able to change that feature, but I cannot work out how to do that.

Does anyone have any ideas on how a can effectively disable certian features in the customise install dialog based an what files have been downloaded for the installation?

A further issue I can see coming up is, what if I have the cabinet's included with the msi rather than as seperate files? Would I still be able to work out whether certian components have been downloaded and if they should be disabled/enabled??




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Posted 31 May 2001 - 10:00

If You have the Cabinet-Files separately, I think You can use the INSTALLLEVEL Property. I would do the following:
1. Set the InstallLevels of all Language dependent features to 0. This means, the feature will not be installed and is not visible to the user.
2. Check wether the File is there or not.
3. If the file is not there, set a property, maybe LANG_ENG = TRUE
4. Connect this property with the installation condition of this feature. This means, if the Language File is there, then set the INSTALLLEVEL in that way, that the feature is installed.