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Installing MSDE

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Posted 14 April 2004 - 15:15

Hi, im new to installshield and new to this site. I've been throw in at the deepend with our latest installer and therefore seeking help. Seeing as im new to it I'm trying to build a case for upgrading our Pro 6.31 to DevStudio 9.

The previous developer had serious problems with Crystal and IS 6.31 which started off the upgrade debate but now we need to install MSDE.

We currently have IS pro 6.31 which comes with MSDE version 1. I noticed that IS Dev 9 comes with version 2000.

As I'm more of a SQL Server user, im not even sure if this relates to the actual MSDE version or the installshield object verions, however......

Does anyone know of any major differences between the two versions?

I have looked on the web but have so far only found differences between MSDE and SQL Server.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 15 April 2004 - 21:03

MSDE is the runtime version of SQL Server 7. MSDE 2000 is the runtime version of SQL Server 2000. So you need to decide which SQL version you need.