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Permanent property....

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Posted 12 April 2002 - 17:03


hope you can help me on this one....

I have a component which must not be removed when program is uninstalled.... I have set the "Permanent" property to YES. Now I have the problem that sometimes the file is deleted from the system and sometimes not!!!!!

can anyone tell me why this happens??

thanks for your help



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Posted 17 May 2004 - 22:26

I have just reported a bug to Microsoft with the Visual Studio Installer v1.1 in which files designated as permanent were being correctly left on the system during a program removal, but in repair mode were being deleted! (Since repair is the default in the Add/Remove tool, it may be run by mistake easily.)
I don't know what program you are using to create your MSI files, but perhaps the problems are related. Using the following properties for a component (file) in VSI would replicate the problem:
DoNotUninstall: True
Condition: NOT Installed
Transitive: True

These are all the right settings, but VSI was saving the component attributes as 80 instead of 128 (which is 80 hex)

To resolve the issue, Microsoft Support suggested using the Orca editing tool to change the component's attribute of any files intended to be permanent to 128. This works fine and may solve your problem regardless of which installer authoring tool you use. Hope this helps.


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 03:16

Can you list what circumstances cause the file to be removed? You will need to run the install with verbose logging (msiexec /i msifile.msi /L*V

This will tell you why the file is being removed.


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 05:18

Check that this file(s) don't belong to your other merge modules or components in the project.