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USERPROFILE property pointing C:\ on repair

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Posted 05 April 2007 - 08:16


I've got really simple package that actually brings only one file to user profile. It's sole purpose is bring ready made settings to userprofile, so user do not have to reconfigure product by hand.

Mine package works fine when user with admin rights install it. We are deploying package to the computers with SMS so i must make sure users that log in after package installation gets the configuration file.

I've made active setup registy keys and msiexec runs with /fomus parameter durin the first logon of that user. During this repair USERPROFILE property point to the c:\ instead to users profile.

Any ideas how to owercome this problem.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 13 April 2007 - 16:04

Looks like the custom action which sets this property doesn't run on uninstall. Check it's sequencing and conditions.


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Posted 25 April 2007 - 09:26

hmm, CA thats setting property is run on installation user interface sequence.
Looks like repair wont run those at all. I'll need to dig this further.


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Posted 25 April 2007 - 09:50

Where are you copying the file? %USERPROFILE% is a windows environment variable - it is not used in MSI. Rather you tend to use properties such as:
  • DesktopFolder
  • AppDataFolder
  • LocalAppDataFolder
  • PersonalFolder
  • CommonAppDataFolder
  • Etc...

Some samples:
AppDataFolder: C:\Documents And Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data
LocalAppDataFolder: C:\Documents And Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data

If you use these properties you don't need to set them yourself, you can just append your own path at the end:
[AppDataFolder]My Application\My Settings\test.xml

On another note: You can run a *.cmd file via ActiveSetup if you prefer to copy files that way.
-Stein Åsmul