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background takes focus instead of dialog

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Posted 07 January 2003 - 18:30

When running the installation I've created using the setup.exe the background colour that I have set up has the focus and the dialog does not.  
Also this means that when i click on the dialog to retrieve the focus some of the text disappears.

I've had this problem before but when it was used on a machine running ME it resolved itself but now i'm creating an installshield for machines running Win2k sp3.  I don't know if this makes any difference.

Please Help



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Posted 08 January 2003 - 12:24

Does ur installation contain any custom actions. When custom actions are run in silent mode in UI Sequence, the focus will be out of the dialogs until the custom action is run.

Does this help.

Rajiv :)


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Posted 08 January 2003 - 12:45

Yes it does have custom actions but none of them are running until the 'Next' buttons are clicked.  The dialogs should be the main focus item.  As I say if I take the background colour off its fine.  I add the background colour in a custom action before the UI sequence starts.  Is that wrong?  

I add the background like this :

function SetupBackground(MSI)
   SetTitle ("OASIS Services Installation", 35, WHITE);
   Enable( BACKGROUND );

Please help