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Change icons/bitmaps on dialogs?

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Posted 31 October 2001 - 17:12

I know how to do that in Professional, but since I am new to MSI, I have no idea how to change the icon in the upper right corner (eg: license agreement) or the bitmap on the far left (eg: welcome).

Can anyone help?


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Posted 02 November 2001 - 12:09

The banner and background bitmaps are simply JPEG files stored in the Binary table - NewBinary1 for the banner and NewBinary5 for the welcome background on an installation I have in front of me.

Extract the images, create replacements the same size and layout, and then re-import the new versions over the top using the Direct table editor (in ISD7, I'm sure other editors have similar features)

Or if you want to change the images on individual dialogs, simply select the image control on that dialog and change its source file.