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Remove grey inactive line in 6.11 Dialogs?

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Posted 08 April 2003 - 22:37

Is it possible (or easy) to remove the grey inactive line with the word "Installshield" embedded in it from the dialog boxes?  
I'm using IS 6.11.  I assume one would have to customize the forms somehow and that it is beyond the scope of simple IDE manipulation or preference settings.  Could some explain what would be involved to accomplish this.  Thanks in advance.



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Posted 11 April 2003 - 10:45

The way I do this is to edit the _isres.dll.

You will have to use Visual Studio or some other dev tool. Open the _isres.dll as a resource. Edit all the dialogs, remove or edit the greyed installshield "Static text". Save the _isres.dll and replace all _isres.dll files in your installshield install folder.

Not all that easy.


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Posted 11 April 2003 - 17:22

Would SetDialogTitle() work for you. I personally haven't used this functiom but it may fit your needs. Below is the text from the Help file for IS 6.31

SetDialogTitle (nDialogId, szTitle);


The SetDialogTitle function changes the titles that appear in the title bars of some common built-in dialog boxes. Specify the dialog box using the parameter nDialogId. If you do not use SetDialogTitle, InstallShield displays the default title. Once you set the title for a particular dialog box, InstallShield uses that title for every instance of that type of dialog until you use SetDialogTitle to change the title again.


Identifies the built-in dialog box whose title is to be changed change. Pass one of the following predefined constants in this parameter:
Changes the title of the AskOptions dialog box.
Changes the title of the AskPath dialog box.
Changes the title of the AskText dialog box.
Changes the title of the AskYesNo dialog box.
Changes the title of the EnterDisk dialog box.
Changes the title of the Information-style MessageBox.
Changes the title of the Severe-style MessageBox.
Changes the title of the dialog-style progress indicator. You must re-enable the dialog-style progress indicator by calling Enable(STATUSDLG) after calling SetDialogTitle with the DLG_STATUS option in order for the title change to take effect.
Changes the title of the Warning-style MessageBox.
Changes the MessageBox caption when you use the user-defined message box styles.
Specifies the new title.
Return values

Indicates that the function successfully changed the title of the dialog box.
< 0
Indicates that the function was unable to change the title of the dialog box.

You must call SetDialogTitle separately for each type of dialog box whose title you wish to change.

InstallShield creates message boxes using standard Windows message box functions. Windows determines the OK and Cancel button text for these message boxes. InstallShield has no control over the text used in the buttons inside Windows message boxes.

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