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When to use a major upgrade, when to use a minor u

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Posted 16 November 2004 - 23:20

As topic states, what is the best practice in deciding wether to implement a major vs. a minor upgrade?

For example, is it always best to implement a minor upgrade when going from say, version 6.1.01 to 6.1.03? And a major if going from version 6.0 to version 7.0? Hypothetically, of course.



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Posted 17 November 2004 - 15:35

I'd say it depends more on what you're updating than what your version numbers are. You might want to take a look at the Windows Installer SDK on the subject of major and minor upgrades to see when they recommend (or require) each. Basically, if you're doing anything that would break the component rules, you should do a major upgrade to uninstall/reinstall, otherwise a minor upgrade will probably work for you.

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