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No More Build Reports

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Scott Mayham

Scott Mayham
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Posted 28 May 2002 - 19:38

I have two distinct projects set up using ISD7.02, both on the same machine (W2K Adv Server, +SP2), but only one of them exhibits this particular behavior:  the usual "build reports" produced when I rebuild the setup, simply stopped being produced.

I've done (so far as I know) nothing different between these two projects, so far as build folders are concerned. Both have <ISProjectDataFolder> defined as the release location, and in each case that path variable is defined as "D:\ProductNameAndVersion\Setup Files\ProductName"  (the "ProductNameAndVersion" and "ProductName" are of course different between the two setups, since they are for different products).  Similarly, <ISProjectFolder> is defined in both cases as "D:\ProductNameAndVersion\Setup Files" in both setups.  In both cases, the following usual and expected folders are created after each build:


However in one case, following each build, the folder containing the build reports ("<ISProjectFolder>\Product Configuration\Release\Reports") receives a new build report,
while it's corresponing folder in the other project does not.  In fact, the folder itself is missing, and manually creating it has no effect.  A vigorous search of the machine fails to turn up the report anywhere.  

Remember, both of these are produced by the same copy of ISD7.02 on the same machine, so I doubt that there is a problem in my copy of InstallShield, OS, etc.  It seems to specific to the setup (the .ism file).  

So, my question is, how does one "turn on" the production of reports - what in the .ism controls this, and how do I correct it?

T. Scott Mayham
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Posted 18 September 2003 - 17:31

I know this post is old but if you still need help here goes.

All you have to do is build the media to a new location and the report will be generated again. Just go thru the wizard and build to another location.