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lShield debugger does not accept setup  parameters!!!

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Saugata Guha

Saugata Guha
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Posted 18 January 2002 - 02:32

Hello world,
How do I specify parameters to InstallShield debugger?
I am running under silent mode with /Z options
setup.exe /s /z"All my parameters here"
Now how do I specify these parameters in the debugger?
The only work around I have found is change the code
and hard code these parameters. I must be missing
some thing. Thanks in advance.
Saugata Guha


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Posted 08 February 2002 - 00:34

Have you tried the old way of debugging installscript?  With ISWI 2.01, you had to copy setup.rul, setup.dbg and isdbg.exe to the test machine then run the debugger from there.  I wonder if this method works in ISdev 7 because I am having the same problems you are.