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Prior Install 'Stuff' Hangin' Around

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Posted 29 March 2007 - 16:44

Ok, here is my situation...

I've been testing a Web for which everything was going fine until I attempted to change the INSTALLDIR of the actual virtual directory web files. Simple, right? No matter what I tried, however, I just couldn't get it to work, or so it seemed. I tried allowing the user to simply browse to the new installation location in the User Interface, Set Directory Custom Actions, etc., but nothing was effective, or so it seemed.

Between tests, I would remove the application. Due to previous other problems I experienced with cache packages running, I even checked for that in Windows\Installer, but nothing. I checked registry entries, of which there were none. Using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility didn't find it either.

I then thought, the heck with this, and changed the Product and Package Codes and guess what, the redirection of files worked as anticipated -SIMPLE.

Now to my question, what could have been hanging around on the system that was always causing installation to the previous INSTALLDIR? We previously were not allowing the user to select a different location as the browse button on the dialog, at that time, was disabled. Everything previously was installed into C:\Inetpub\wwwroot \OurFolder. But attempts to allow the user to change this as described above seemed to have been foiled by something hanging around.


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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 03 April 2007 - 01:50

I don't know but changing the PackageCode with each build is essential.
I would also recommend testing on a clean, reproducible image in a virtual machine (Virtual PC, VMware)