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Install Script

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Posted 12 December 2001 - 17:27

How can I access the Install Script ? please note that I am using InstallShield Express ver 3, so I would appreciate it if you are sure that the solution you recommend is possible in this particular version.

Also, I have a Custom DLL for Serial Number Validation - my dll requires to read certain files which I do not want Installed in the destination machine though I have included them in my Install files (since InstallShield Express ver 3 does not seem to have the Support directory concept - Am I right ????? If not please let me know with details) Please remember EXPRESS VERSION 3.

If Support Directory concept is not available on Express please let me know which Install shield product you think will meet my needs.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 13 December 2001 - 21:03

InstallScript is not available in Express. You would have to upgrade to InstallShield Developer 7 or use VB Script instead (if you have Express 3.5). If you have Express 3.0 then a DLL or EXE is your only option.