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Installing files to SYSTEM32 and Windows 7

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Posted 12 September 2011 - 13:40

As part of the install of my application (a VB6 application) I've always installed some files to the Windows\system32 folder. These have tended to be files (various dlls and ocxs) that I think may be shared by multiple applications and other applications which are nothing to do with my own application. e.g. VB6 runtime files

I've done this because I've never worked out a way of having several versions of the same ocxs installed in local Bin folders for each application.

Can anyone tell me if there is a good solution to this type of problem? I noticed in another post it was recomended installing to application specific BIN folders but doesn't that involve things like dll redirection?

With Windows 7 I think it really is seriously frowned upon to start installing to Windows or System32 folders but I've had difficulty finding out the suggested way of getting around this?

Any advice much appreciated.


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Posted 12 September 2011 - 13:59

It depends on the nature of the application and its dependencies which approaches are best for dealing with this issue.

In the case of VB6, you don't have a lot of choice and I would recommend continuing to install the VB6 runtime files in system32. The other files should probably be moved to your BIN directory wherever possible, but if multiple versions are involved, then your application may need to be modified accordingly to take into account these known directories.

Hope it helps.
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Posted 12 September 2011 - 14:55

Hi again

Thanks, at the moment I'm pretty much doing what you say in your reply.

Just last week I've started looking at Windows 7 (I've never had to deal with Vista) so I think I will have to look into changing at least some of my install as this sort of thing is going to crop up again.

I've already had a problem installing mfc40.dll and mshflxgd.ocx, neither of which will register.

I think mfc40.dll doesn't need installing as it should already exist in Windows 7 but there seems to be some kind of administration rights issue with registering mshflxgd.ocx. I can get them to install ok if i run the setup.exe in Windows XP compatible mode.

Thanks again

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