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DLLs NEVER registered

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Posted 03 October 2001 - 13:37

Hi there! I know there's a topic posted earlier which deals with COM servers that are registered "occasionally", though it seemed to me that there was an issue of features structuring in that case.

My problem is this:
I have one feature and one feature only. My installation contains five 3rdParty DLLs that needs to be registered for my application to work.

Following setup best practices, I put them all in separate components, made each of them a key file and selected "Use Advanced Setting" (all of this done with the component wizard, to be sure that I didn't mess it up ;->)

Now, after installation they're all registered in the registry, but only two of them work. The three others must be unregistered and then re-registered using regsvr32 before they will work.

Why's this? What am I doing wrong? Why will they work when Regsvr32 is used, and not when they're installed with InstallShield?

This is highly vexing, and any help would be appreciated.



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Posted 07 October 2001 - 23:17

The obvious thing to do is manually to register the 3 dll that don't work, then fire up regedit and not all the keys and values involved in the registration. Then register them with your install and note the difference.

If you're not familiar enough with COM registration, I suggest you locate a shareware program call InControl. It will read the registry, let you register, then compare the registry. This will tell you all the keys that registering the dlls change.