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Lock Permission

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Posted 20 February 2008 - 13:14

My scenario is I need to assign the non admin users to have self repair option for MSI package. The MSI file is stored C:\Sample. The non-admin user doesn’t have access to the C:\Sample. So to make the self repair work for non-admin user I have given them read permission for the MSI through the Lock Permission table in WISE tool. Now, the self repair option is working for non-admin users too. In Lock Permission table I have hard coded the user name directly for the User column eg: If the user login is sreejas, I have given sreejas directly in the table. I don’t want the username to be hard coded directly. Instead I need to set any property or environmental variable to retrieve the username and check for admin and non-admin users and assign permissions accordingly. Is that technically feasible? Do I have to write a custom action for this? Or is there any other option to perform this.

Kindly help me.

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Posted 20 February 2008 - 13:47

Hey, Bhuvan! Were you somehow expecting different answers to this question than those you already got on AppDeploy? smile.gif Let's see, shall we?

(To save others time, Bhuvan's post is here and other, related posts can be viewed from this page.
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