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.dll is not overwriting

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Posted 26 December 2003 - 11:58

I have prepared msi file with 4 text files, 4 xmls files and 4 .dll files stored in c:\setup1 directory on the build machine and installed on d:\Target directory on target machine.

Again i haveprepared msi file with 4 text files, 4 xmls files and 4 .dll files stored in c:\setup2 directory on the build machine. In this i have modified 1 text file,1 xml file and 1 .dll file and the date stamp changed due to modification. I have changed some methods in class file and the size of the .dll remains same due to very less updations and only the date stamp has been modified.

I installed on the same target machine at d:\Target directory. Interestingly all the modify files(text and xml files) have copied properly. But .dll file did'nt copied with the second msi file. What could be the reason? If i running the second msi file it won't copy .dll files?



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Posted 26 December 2003 - 14:52

If your dll has a version number, it won't be overwritten unless the version number of the new one is higher.

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