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Calling a DLL from ISD7...

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John Naastad

John Naastad
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Posted 16 May 2002 - 21:21


   First,  I am using Installshield Developer 7.03 and I am trying to call a VB dll from the Custom Action.  I am "assuming" that I added the dll correctly into the binary table and then correctly used the Custom Actoin Wizard to create the call for the DLL, but I continuely get a 'The binary key Dll_.ini is missing' error.  Along with this, I have tried using the Getting Started Guide and and the online help, but both seem completely inadequate.  Does anyone have any ideas to give me? ? ? Hint: I know just the basics of ISD 7.

  Second, are there any GOOD references to use for the ISD7?  I only noticed a couple of books on Amazon, but neither had great reviews.  I have been reading some of the questions and responses online here, and I have no idea where people are getting this information from...and I would like to be one of them.  :)




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Posted 17 May 2002 - 13:35

I'm not entirely surprised you're having troubles with a VB DLL, though I haven't tried it myself.  I'd suggest using VC++ or VBScript.

For a good learning, I'd recommend concentrating on Windows Installer rather than ISD.  ISD follows quite logically once you understand where you're going to with it.

That said, there are very few good books, this site is one of the best references you can get.  The Official Installshield for Windows Installer Developer's Guide was good (if a tad wordy at times) for Windows Installer and the connection to ISWi and ISD is just a logical extension of both ISWi and IS Pro.

If you're planning on using Basic MSI Projects then it might be worth the read.

As for where the information on this message board comes from... Two words: Bitter Experience. ;)
Paul Riley (Vector Networks), InstallShield User.