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Uncheck Checkbox

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Posted 07 March 2007 - 15:05

Hi all

For the time of my life i am not able to make the CheckBox initially Unchecked.

I mean after Installation i have CA of 34 which kills an exe depending on the user request. To achive this i have created a CheckBox on InstallCompleteSuccess Dialog and put Public Property LAUNCHPROGRAM.

when the user unchecks the checkbox i am calling above CA which terminates the exe else when the user checks the checkbox(by default it will be checked) the exe does its job.

Now i want the checkbox initially to be Unchecked so that the CA is called by default when the user doesn't interact with the dialog. I have read in articles but not able to figure it out. I also made Indirect Property to True but that doesn't serve purpose. The Check box will be unchecked initially but the CA is not being Called.

Plese help me out this is urgent.

thanks in advance

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 08 March 2007 - 18:18

The box is un-checked if the associated property doesn't exist. One way would be not to add it in the Property table. Or to unset it using a ControlEvent like this:
Event: [YourProperty]
Argument: {}


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Posted 09 March 2007 - 07:52

Thanks Stefan
it really did work.
thanks a ton