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Switch to administrative Setup

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Posted 25 April 2002 - 19:27

Hi out there.

What do you suggest is the smartest way to restart a setup in administrative mode.

If someone enters a specific S/N in the installation, I want to offer him to restart the installation in administrative mode. So what is your suggestion. What is the best way to exit the running installation and at the same time starting the same installation in /a mode

Thank you for your ideas ???


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Posted 07 May 2002 - 22:21

We had the same problem a while back, and we tried just about everything.  We had to settle a little in that we wrote a custom C++ wrapper that took the serial number, parsed it, and depending on whether it was a network or single user installation the correct command line was passed to msiexec.exe.  I wish I could tell you we came up with something better.