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Empty Directory

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Posted 06 February 2003 - 21:06

My Dev 7.04 Standard Install project uses Release Flags to build different flavors of the install. One of the flavors (Install "A") installs some files in a subdirectory, the other (Install "B") does not.

The features (or sub-features) that have components which go into the second directory are not in Install "B" However, the sub-directory gets created anyway. I would prefer to not have that empty subdirectory created. Is there some way to prevent this?

Bob Rouse
Netuitive, Inc.


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Posted 22 April 2003 - 21:12

You may try deleting the directory at the end of the install through a custom action.


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Posted 27 April 2003 - 18:52

or use the RemoveFile table with the Filename column blank and Directory filled with the directory property of the subdirectory to be deleted and Installmode column = 1
Rajiv Madassery
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Posted 12 May 2003 - 05:21

The subdirectory should really not be created unless the component that it is associated with is installed. Maybe see what component the sub directory is coming from and try and fix the problem instead of just removing the directory.
A log file could be handy as well.