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Installation in Non Admin mode

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Posted 02 February 2007 - 12:45

I am posting here non Pure Msi topic..

Is it possible to install a InstallScript setup.exe(IS 7 Standard)in a Non Admin machine..

I tried it and it says u dont have sufficint rights..

i read KB and in one kb it says we have to have elevated user and for that should make changes in hklm and hkCurrentUser and i added the registry key tAlwaysInstallElevated with dword 1 to software/profiles/windows/installer.

Now my installer runs but i guess after cost finalize it says To run silentInstall u must specify responsefile or override thsi event(OnMsiSilentInstall()).But with Admin rights setup works perfectly without any errors.

I am not running in silent mode and from where this OnMsiSilentInstall comes.
I read in article to override this method by having function. I did that nothing works out..

Is it possible to install any setup if the user is not having Admin rights..(i am writing registry entries and com components)
if yes plese let me know what are the changes to be made....

kind regards
if possilbe


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Posted 05 February 2007 - 09:15

Hi i am writing this second time. Is it possible to install pure MSI (setup.exe or .msi file) on am machine which does not has admin previleges ?

In ISM file i am writing registry values and registering COM components.

If possible, can we istall the application through SMS mode
( msiexec /j application.msi ) ?

how to perform all the admin mode operations on a non-admin machine?