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Change the text of a TextControl

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Posted 20 September 2001 - 15:56

First of all, I am a little confused about the Text control.
Sometimes I can copy a text area and it has no property it is associated with.  When I go to the dialog editor and select the Text area tool to create a new one, it insists that I give it a property.
Next, I want to be able to change the text at run time.  So if I have a text control assigned a property and change the property value in a custom action, shouldn't it change the displayed text?  It doesn't seem to.


Martin Aigner

Martin Aigner
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Posted 20 September 2001 - 21:32

The control can be changed if you set "Text" to [MYTEXT] and set "Transparent" to FALSE.

Now set in property manager the default value for the property MYTEXT.

In the custom action you set a new value to the property by following command:
[MYTEXT] | "New Text" | 1