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Posted 29 August 2003 - 17:59

Hello. I'm trying to make an installer in which I would like to display some billboards.

I made my first attempt with InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++ 6. I created a hideous 1024x768 24-bit bitmap and, as per order of the documentation, inserted it under the name Bbrd1.bmp into Setup Files\Language Independent\Operating System Indpendent and compiled my media build. I ran my Setup and the file transfer process began with a call to ComponentMoveData(MEDIA,nDisk,0). I immediately noticed that InstallShield had decided to move my progress and status indicators from their usual central location down to the bottom of the screen. I presumed this was so that I could see my billboard better; however, there was no sign of the bitmap. I then tried various variations of the filename, image size and bit-depth, such as lowercase, zero instead of one, other standard image sizes, and 2, 4 and 8-bit images. The only difference I saw was that the status and progress indicators moved back to their normal positions when I used the incorrect filename. I tried using PlaceWindow to move the bitmap to the top left corner in case it was drawing off-screen, but it still wouldn't show up. I did get it to display with PlaceBitmap, but obviously I can't use that during the transfer process unless, perhaps, I do something nasty to InstallShield (which I believe it deserves).

Thoroughly disheartened, and suspecting that InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++ 6 might have billboards disabled, I decided to try out Windows Installer with Visual Studio .NET. Once again, the documentation claims that billboards are supported, however I can find no way to add billboards to my deployment project in the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

Does anyone have any idea how to use billboards with Windows Installer, or why they aren't working for me with InstallShield?


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 29 August 2003 - 22:46

Yes I believe they are disabled in the VC++ edition.

In Windows Installer billboards are a bit different. They are displayed on the progress dialog, not on the background. Since VS doesn't have a dialog editor for MSI dialogs you would have to make those modifications using a different tool.

Side note: who's looking at billboards? Either the setup takes only short time (then the billboards are rushing by to quickly) or you leave the computer and do something else, instead of watching a slide show. My 5 cents.


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Posted 17 September 2003 - 22:45

Here is a script that I put together to help people figure out how to create MSI based billboards. The script was designed to be applied to a setup that is created with VS.NET.


I added a .txt extension to the file for security reasons... don't want you to accidently execute it when trying to download/view it.

Site note: I agree. Billboards are kind of pointless. You already have the product, so whats the point? If you advertise one of your other products, you are sort of forcing people to view your spam.