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Insert Disk: [1] - DiskPrompt Message

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Posted 21 June 2002 - 02:23

The Error:
Please Insert Disk: [1]
The Conditions:
Using InstallShield Professional - Windows Installer Edition to deploy an accounting application.  The software is distributed via CD.  
The problem occurs when an initial installtion is installed from one location (onto a local drive) then a subsequent installation is installed to the same local drive from a different source.  I can force the error by running the installation from a copy of the project loaded on our network then trying to perform a subsequent installation from a CD on the local CD drive.  <<The error does not occuer when subsequent installtions are run from the same source, ie always the network folder or always the CD drive.>>
The Work Around:
To get around this problem all the user needs to do is uninstall the current application prior to installing the newer application.  I have changed the 'Please Insert..' message to indicate that this needs to be done.
Although the work around is quite simple it adds confusion and complexity to a routine task. ie upgrading the application.  What I am assuming is that there must be some registery entry or residual file from the first instaltion which is causing further installtions to look at the origianl source location.  Any help with this issue will be much appreciated.

Johannes John

Johannes John
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Posted 09 July 2002 - 13:11

Hello micropay,

could it be, that the two CDs have different volume labels or the MSI files are placed on different directories?