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Having a merge module execute its own custom actions

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Posted 13 November 2001 - 20:11

Followed MSI documentation for merge module CA execution.

I have attempted to have a merge module execute its own custom action by
placing items in the DirectEditor under the ModuleInstallExecuteSequence
table.  I have added conditionals to the entries all seem to work but one.
Table example below.

Action        Sequence     BaseAction      After   Condition
RemoveMyReg  <NULL>  RemoveShortCuts  1 REMOVE="All"
RemoveShortcuts  1600

When I dump to a log file it is reported in the main install the the condition evaluates to false and never runs.

I chose the RemoveShortcuts installer action to make sure that it runs after InstallValidate and the condition evaluation is reported after it.

REMOVE is reported at the top of the log file as All.  So then why does it evaluate to false?


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Posted 14 November 2001 - 20:48

Found out the problem was with the "All" value in the condition.  Correct value is "ALL" (all uppercase)