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Change component destination

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Posted 05 November 2003 - 06:07

I am using ISDEV 8.

I have an install where I accidentally put two text files in [WindowsFolder], when it should have been [SystemFolder]. The installation is deployed to a lot of machines.

I want to make a small patch to fix it, and I have read the update and patching rules, which mention things like not changing component GUIDs, etc.

I do not find anything that clearly prohibits changing the destination for a component. Is this against the rules?

I tried it and built the patch. It said I was making a minor upgrade, and the PatchCreation.log file says:

WARNING (12): Subfolder mismatch between Upgraded ('SourceDir\.:System32\') and Target ('SourceDir\.:Windows\') Images means old files may be orphaned.

I realize that I did not put anything in RemoveFile table, and I also didn't copy/move the files into new SOURCE folders. I just wanted to see if it would create a patch with component destinations changed.

Supposing I change the source to match my new destinations, etc., and use the RemoveFile table to remove the misplaced files from [WindowsFolder], is the practice of changing destinations for an existing component allowed?


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Posted 09 November 2003 - 22:46

I really havnt had that much experience with using patches, but if the patch allows you to add entries in to the RemoveFile table, then you should be find.

My only concern would be that the RemoveFile action will not acutally be executed during a patch so you will need to test this before you deploy on all of your machines smile.gif

If the above does not work, then you might have to look at a minor upgrade.

Will your application fail to work if there are two sets of the files, i.e. one in system, one in the windows folder?

If no, then just create the patch with the files in the new location and old location.