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Merge Modules- Borland, Delphi

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Dave I

Dave I
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Posted 27 May 2003 - 17:13

We have some delphi .exe's to distribute but I have no experience of what is required or how to go about it.

The .exe apparently requires rtl60.bpl,vcl60.bpl, vclx60.bpl and stdvcl40.dll which needs registering with "tregsvr stdvcl40.dll"???

Im installing on NT, 2000, XP.

1/ There are a few borland merge modules knocking around, do they distribute the files I require, I cant find any info.

2/ Do the .bpl's go in system32.

3/And finally are there any licensing implications of distributing these files?

Also I need VB runtime, I have vbrun60sp5.exe I could launch silently but was hoping for a MM alternative.

Finally. MSXML4, is this MM still broke?

Any help or advice would be appreciated


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Posted 19 June 2003 - 00:52

If you are properly building your exe then you will not have to redistribute any BPL files. The only libraries and files you need to redistribute are DLLs from third parties. And these would include COM objects or dlls from which you are exporting functions. If you do have such DLL files, then all you should do is to put them with your Delphi exe into InstallShield. Just make sure that DLLs are copied to the system folder or the same folder where your main exe resides. Sometimes there is no need to register DLL. If you require to register DLL as a system file then you run regsvr32, which comes with all windows platforms, and I think InstallShield is capable of doing it.

Hope I helped.
Take care,


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Posted 19 June 2003 - 09:17

About Delphi:

If you have multiple Delphi modules (exes, dlls, ocxs) then it's a good idea to use bpls, instead of linking this information in every module.

In the installation folder of Delphi you'll find a document called DEPLOY.TXT which answers most of the questions you asked.
However, I suggest that you do not register Stdvcl40.dll, but use the "Extract at Build" option of ISWI.