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Major upgrade leaves entry in Add/Remove programs

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 10:10

Hi all,

I am trying to remove some slack installations from our software (due to the fact that other people did wrong things mad.gif ), so I created a new installer (Basic MSI Project) that has an upgrade table full of the upgrade codes of the old installations (InstallScript Projects). This does work in that sense that it uninstalls the old apps, but leaves the entries of those apps in the registry, so they are still visible in Add/Remove programs.

Checking the registry, I see that all apps still have an entry in:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and they are all called Installshield_{productcode}.

Does anyone have an idea how I can remove these entries, so they disappear from Add/Remove programs???




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Posted 11 October 2006 - 13:54

Looks similar: http://forum.install...showtopic=15470
-Stein Åsmul