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Automation / ISD 7.02

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 15:35

Hi All,

Has anyone tried using the iswiautomation.dll in ISD 7.02?

I've spent the last two weeks writing different ways of automating my job.  Yesterday, I upgraded from ISD 7.01 to 7.02 and suddenly none of it works.

Whenever I get to
Set wiProject = New ISWiProject
(obviously in VB, not VBScript)

it crashes with
Run-time Error '430':
Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface

Does anyone have the faintest idea what the problem is?


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Posted 10 January 2002 - 12:24

Just to let everyone know, in case they run into this problem (and I've had mails from people who have), I have a solution.

Pretty it isn't, but it works... you need to get hold of the ISD 7.01 version of iswiautomation.dll and drop it over the 7.02 version in

There is no apparent difference between the two files except for the version number and the fact that one works while the other doesn't.

InstallShield refuse to accept this is a problem, so please report it to them if you can replicate it.