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Detecting Computer Info

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Posted 29 November 2001 - 14:46

I am using IS Dev 7.

I have an urgent need to identify several settings on the PC including HD serial number, currency setting, date format, etc.

My most urgent need is to be able to detect the browser version (like IE 5.00).

Can you do this native in InstallShield Script or what?


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Posted 29 November 2001 - 17:28

Some of that information may be available native to InstallScript, but I doubt all of it. If you can guarantee Windows 2000 is your platform then I'd suggest looking into using WMI. There's HUGE amounts of information present here about everything on the system.

There are other (much simpler!) ways of checking for IE. See Stefan's article Detecting Internet Explorer and Other Applications with Windows Installer on this site for more details.