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Pinging remote machine...

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Posted 16 April 2003 - 14:37

Hi to all,
I have a setup installing an application which at run time could connect with a (fixed) server (by IP).
How can, at install time, check if the server is on?
Or simply check the IP address existence and validity within the net?
It's enough a "ping" command but I should like manage the ping response and show the user a warning box if the server is off (or not existing), so luanching the ping command by dos shell it seems to me a bad idea.
I'm forced to turn to Windows API?

By the way, searching inside MS SDK I hadn't found specific ping-related function, have I to deal with Win32 Internet Functions like FTP/HTTP session-management function?

Thanks to all,
ciao Giuseppe


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Posted 17 June 2003 - 01:40

I know this has been hanging around for a while, but FWIW, you can pipe the results of ping to a disk file. Then examine the text file for the results.