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Typical scenarios!

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Posted 09 December 2003 - 21:45

Hello all,

I am using InstallShield Developer 8.0 for my installation. I have the following scenarios for my installation:

1) If this is the first time installation is taking place on the system, do normal insatllation.

2) If user is modfying the installation, check for the version of already installed product and if;

a) Version of installed product is less than 2.0, then uninstall the old version (as the old version is entirely different than the new version and has to be uninstalled first for compatibility issues), reboot and continue with the new installation.
cool.gif If version is > 2.0, upgrade the product.(no reboot needed, inbetween)

3) If user is uninstalling, just remove the product.

1 and 3 are very simple and are working fine. For 2, I have a custom action which checks the version of the product. I am not very good at InstallShield, I need input from you guys as to how to accomplish the item 2, especially (a).

I don't need to have exact solution, pointer to the related resource would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for the help.



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Posted 09 December 2003 - 21:49

I think you should be able to accomplish what you want for scenario 2 by using the upgrade table and specify the version range of products to remove in the MinVersion and MaxVersion columns. To get more info about this read about "Major upgrades" in Installshield Help.
-Stein Åsmul