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Converting MSI 2 MSM

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Posted 13 March 2002 - 14:28

I am converting an MSI into a merge module using wise. However, the MSM is failing to work, and the MSI is working fine. I haven't changed anything along the line either.

Is anyone else not so confident in the Wise method for creating a Merge module because I'm starting to have my doubts!
John Penford

Jamie Clayton

Jamie Clayton
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Posted 09 May 2002 - 07:45


I'm not just doubting Wise solutions but the underlying Microsoft Windows Installer technology.  You have to ask the question, why are there only 2 books available on the topic and Wise, Installshield Knowledgebases and MS online documentation.

I log onto the MS and Installsite newsgroups just to feel sain and get piece of mind about my frustrations with the technology.

I get the impression that both Wise and Installshield are getting abuse from end users about Windows Installer. As a software developer I also get annoyed at having to buy a new version of the products because Microsoft "evolving this technology" ???

I'm using Wise for Windows Installer 2.02 because about 3 months after I bought it a new one was released and the upgrade price was the same amount as what I originally paid.  There up to version 4 (3, 3.5 were release in between) 2.5 years on since that decision.

I've found the user interface ok but as soon as you start "playing" with the solution, it breaks the MSI or MSM really quickly.  

I'm in to a mode which involves: - taking a copy, make a change, Open Orca and Validate against the .cub files, attempt to fix any errors (???), test on all OS systems via verbose loging installation, save a version with extensive notes and backup after each test.  Summary - VERY TIME CONSUMING.




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Posted 13 May 2002 - 10:34

I keep getting an error when I compile.  It seems intermittent.  Wise suggested it was because I had version 3 already installed.  This is the first product we've had that uses MSI, and it's version 4!  So I don't think it's that.  But I just ignore it and it seems to work.

But, yeah, I've had my doubts about it as well.