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FeatureSetTarget does not work ??

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Posted 29 October 2001 - 16:52

I'm using a standard project. Having many components and Features. Some features have to be installed on a net path or in a user defined directory.

So I do the following:
In the component view I defined a "standard" destination. (e.g. [INSTALLDIR]BIN)
In Setup design I selected the component for my feature.
If install it everything is ok. But if the user selected a "non standard" path (e.g. x:\bin where x: is a net path)
I have to set the path to my feature
FeatureSetTarget ( MEDIA , "BIN" , szMyNetPAth); where szMyNetPath contains X:\bin.
BUT my files now still will be installed to INSTALLDIR\BIN ???
Any idea?
Must I still use ComponentSetTarget to set the component destination ?


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Posted 31 October 2001 - 08:59

I think I found the solution. I must use ComponentSetTarget to set a new destination. If using FeatureSetTarget, but having a different destination at the Component definition folder, always the defined path will be taken. But why do I need the function FeatureSetTarget ??
Since the first time using ISD7 I didn't understand the new Feature Level. The old 6.x Component - File configuration works great, I really can't understand this new 'Feature'....
How Do you think ??