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Error -4095

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Dave I

Dave I
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Posted 05 April 2001 - 16:15

Does anybody know how to suppress -4095:

** Warning -4095: Calling DoAction from a control event on an InstallScript custom action may not work in all cases, especially if you are using SOURCEDIR, TARGETDIR, PreShowComponentDlg, or MsiDoAction  blah.....

All I have done is placed DoAction on the next button, I have not used SOURCEDIR, TARGETDIR, etc. and everything is fine for once apart from this message, well this message and a couple of hundred others like it.

All my CA is doing is getting and settings a property.

Thanks in advance

Leigh Ravenhall

Leigh Ravenhall
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Posted 06 April 2001 - 00:43

I think this one you just have to ignore.  ISWI displays the message in case you attempt to access something like TARGETDIR, which may not be correctly set at the time that it is called.  

Unfortunately, ISWI isn't smart enough to tell whether or not you've used any of these unreliable properties.  So it will bring it up for every CA that calls InstallScript that you have linked into a button on your user interface.