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Installer Folder

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Posted 29 August 2007 - 16:17

Hi all,
In xp OS we have Installers folders under C:\Windows\Installers. This can only be visible if we mention installer under explorer.

Now why does msi file gets stored in this folder. For repair or modify we have the msi file gets cached, but why does this folder get stored in installers folder. I really tried to google this but couldnt find relevent answers.

Can some body please tell me why msi file gets stored in this location. Or provide me the link where this information is mentioned in detail.
Thanks and regards

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 03 September 2007 - 15:06

This copy is used for maintenance operations, including uninstall. If you
package your msi inside a setup.exe and cache that elsewhere, this is
outside the scope of Windows Installer. This directory is also protected (by
restircted NTFS permissions) so normal uses can't modify the msi files
there. This is a security measure and enables things like patching with
restricted rights without opening a security hole.


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Posted 22 September 2007 - 08:17

Please note that the MSI cached in this folder is a "tables only" copy of the original MSI. In other words all CAB files are stripped from the files - this means the original installation media is required if any files need to be installed again.
-Stein Åsmul