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Installing on Windows2000 for all users

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Devang Parmar

Devang Parmar
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Posted 01 October 2001 - 09:50


I want to install my application on windows 2000 for all users. I dont want to show CustomerInformation dialog box to user. So, I have made custom action 51 to set ALLUSERS property to 1 and put it just after CostFinalize action. Now, the problem with me is when all the features and components are installed under "Program Files" directory all the folders dont have right to "modify" for normal user. Thus, when normal users wants to run the application it cannot because the folders cannot be modified by the normal user.

Now the question is : How can I install my features and components on the Windows 2000 PC so that folders created has all rights to normal user too ?

Your help is very much needed in this. Please send me any hint and I would be thankful to you.


David Bajgar

David Bajgar
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Posted 29 October 2001 - 14:15

On the Win2000 the user can only write into the "Document and Settings\User" folder (see Win2000 application specification). The application should not write data in the Program Files folder, but the user has rights to execute applications in this folder. You can change the rights this folder manually, but I am not sure if it is correct. This is question for your computer administrator. You should change the behavior of your application if it is possible.

Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes
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Posted 29 October 2001 - 17:35

Yes, as mentioned, your program should not be trying to write to Program Files at run time (because you can't). Application specific data should be stored in the Application Data, Common Application Data and Local Application Data shell folders only. This is covered in detail in the Windows 2000 App Spec.

Modifiying the access rights on the Prog Files folder structure to allow this should get you a swift rap across the knuckles.