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Windows 98 SE uninstall

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Posted 03 November 2004 - 17:18


when I uninstall my application from the Control Panel in XP it simply shows Remove YES/NO dialog and if you click YES a progress meter that shows the uninstall progress.

However in 98 SE when I uninstall from the Control Panel it opens the Maintenance form and you have to select Remove or Repair. I would rather it did the same as in XP.

How can I achieve this,



Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 04 November 2004 - 14:12

Clicking the Remove button on XP runs uninstall in Basic UI mode. Since there is no separate Remove button in 98 that's not possible in the same way.
You could however remove the MaintenanceWelcome screen from your UI sequence and replace it with a Yes/No type dialog. Of course you will then no longer be able to run in Modify or Repair mode.
The other option would be upgrading the operating system to XP smile.gif