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Calling a DLL from a merge module

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David Bajgar

David Bajgar
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Posted 29 January 2002 - 15:10

I need create a merge module. The component target directory of a merge module is changed dynamically in the DLL. DLL uses the MsiSetTargetPath(hInstall, "MyPath", "d:\hello") function. I’ve created the CA 1 (call function in a DLL) in the merge module. Then I’ve inserted this module to my installation projects and inserted the CA from the module after the InstallValidate action. But it doesn’t work. Nothing was installed.
But if I call the function of the DLL from installation project (no merge module) it works fine; of course I created the appropriate component in installation.

How can I call the DLL’s function from a merge module to change the target folder?
Can somebody help me, please?
Thanks in advance,

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 04 February 2002 - 07:25

Open the msm in Orca and look at the directory table. I guess the module GUID got appendend to your entry (to avoid conflicts with directiories in the main installer) so you may need to adjust the custom action.